Sample Characters

Below are a few sample characters: Ellina the Elven Wizard (Fantasy), Alton Bishop the Freedom Fighter (Modern), and Spark Morgan the Space Ranger (Future).

Name: Ellina Silverwing
Concept: Elven Wizard
Level: 1

Agility d6
Archery d4
Athletics d4
Awareness d10
Close Combat d6
Crafting d4
Deception d6
Healing d8
Husbandry d4
Influence d8
Intellect d12
Resolve d10
Stealth d6
Street Smarts d6
Survival d4
Thievery d4
Tinkering d4
Vitality d8

Dodge 5
Block 5
Notice 7
Willpower 7
Endurance 6

Speed: 6 Squares (30′)
Encumbrance: 40 lbs
Fatigue: 6

Perk – Sorcery: Ellina can wield magic with the Intellect Ability. She can cast cantrips.
Perk – Spell (Mana Blast): Attack. Intellect vs. Endurance. Range 10sq. Costs 1 Fatigue. 2d8+2 Damage. Bypasses armor.
Perk – Elf Race: Ellina is an elf. She is long-lived and at home in the wilderness. She gains +2 to Knowledge rolls for anything having to do with elves. She can also see in the dark, ignoring Lighting Modifiers due to darkness.
Quirk – Ellina is a stereotypical elf, haughty, lithe, and a bit arrogant.

FATIGUE  □ □ □ □ □ □


□ Bruised -1
□ Battered -2
□ Injured -3
□ Incapacitated!

Armor: Wizard Robes – Protection 1, Flexibility 0, Bulk 0
Weapon: Wizard’s Staff (Reach: 0, Damage: Close Combat + 1d4, Quickness: 1)
Gear: Mage’s Grimoire, Camping Equipment, Torch, Flint and Tinder, 3 Days Rations
Possessions: Light riding horse, small cottage in the Bresirian Forest.
Money: 50 Gold


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