Example of Play

The following is an example of play. Space Ranger Morgan, his trusty side-kick Jet Flannigan, and the amiable Princess Aluya are attempting to escape the clutches of the evil Space Lord Bahmos. They have sprung the Princess from her holding cell and are now being chased through the labrynthine corradoors of the Space Lord’s secret military base on a small, untracked moon. 

There are four people participating in the session:

  • Olivia | Narrator – Olivia’s job is to present the story, challenge the Heroes, and referee the rules. She is the story-teller, cooperating with the Players to tell a neat story, not competing against them to “win”.
  • Andy | Spark Morgan – Andy plays Spark Morgan, a brave “Space Ranger”. Sort of like a futuristic sheriff.
  • Sam | Jet Flannigan – Sam takes on the role of Jet Flannigan, a “Cadet Ranger” and loyal companion to Spark.
  • Kim | Princess Aluya – Kim plays Aluya, a beautiful but tough Princess kidnapped by the evil villain.

As we join the game, Olivia is presenting the situation to the players, who will respond with ideas, questions, and attempts at actions. Don’t worry if everything doesn’t make complete sense to you at this point. As you continue to read, the rules will become clear.

Olivia as the Narrator: Our three courageous heros race down the shiney metal hallway until they come to a large archway framing a force field. Beyond is the landing pad where Spark and Jet’s spaceship, The Pioneer, sits awaiting their escape. Behind you, you can hear the clattering boot-steps of the Space Lord’s henchman. What do you do?
Sam, asking questions on behalf of Jet Flannigan: Do I see a control panel or anything?”
Narrator: You don’t see a control panel in any obvious location, but you can roll Awareness to see if you notice anything that may help.
Sam, rolling Jet’s Awareness Ability of D8: I rolled a 7!
Narrator, comparing the result to the Target Number of 5: Great! You notice a bundle of thick electrical wires trailing to the archway just below the floor grate under your feet.
Sam, speaking as Jet: “Spark! Shoot the cables!”
Andy, declaring an action for Spark and rolling the Die: I fire my laser pistol through the floor grate at the cabling bundle! Aw… I only rolled a 3 on my Marksmanship.
Kim, speaking and declaring actions for Princess Aluya: “Let me try that!” the princess barks, grabs the pistol from Spark, and fires a volley at the cables. I want to attack twice.
Narrator: Alright, make two Marksmanship rolls, each at -2.
Kim, rolls some dice: I got a 3 and a 7, with the -2 Penalty, that’s 2 and 5. That good enough?
Narrator: Indeed! Your repeated blasts fry the cabling and the force field dissapates.
Sam as Jet: “Let’s get the heck out of here, Spark!”
Narrator: Not so fast! Just as you manage to shoot the cables and deactivate the force field, the Space Lord’s goons round the bend and open fire with their laser rifles. There are three goons and each is attacking one of you. Jet, the goon attacking you rolled a 4. That’s below your Dodge rating so the laser bolt flies offmark and sears the wall with a puff of smoke. Aluya, the goon attacking you rolled a 6. Since that’s equal to your Dodge rating, you get hit by one of the laser blasts. Spark, the attacker shooting at you rolled a 14! Your Dodge rating is only 5, so thats a success with a Crit. Aluya, you take 2d6 damage. Spark, since the goon rolled a Crit on you, you take 3d6 damage!

Later on in the story, after the three escapees finally ditch the Space Lord’s henchman, Aluya shows Spark and Jet the stolen hollographic blueprints for a new superweapon aboard one of Lord Bahmos’ spacestations. He is planning on unleashing the superweapon very soon on an unsuspecting planet. Spark and Jet decide to analyze the blueprints.

Andy as Spark Morgan: We’d like to try to study the blueprints to find a weakness. Jet will be assisting Spark with the study. What should we roll?
Olivia as the Narrator: That would be a Mechanics roll. If Jet is assisting you, he’ll roll first
Sam as Jet Flannigan: I rolled my Mechanices and got a 5.
Narrator: Good, since Jet’s roll was a success, Spark get’s a +2 Bonus for Jet’s assistance.
Andy as Spark: Alright, my Mechanics roll is 8, plus 2 for Jet’s assistance, for a total of 10.
Narrator: Nice! Thats a success with a Crit! After studying the blueprints for a few hours, you find that there is indeed a kink in the armor. All you’re going to need to do is fire an energy torpedo into an exhaust shaft located in a narrow corridor along the spacestation’s outer hull…

The exciting adventures of Spark and his companions are an evolving series of interlocked stories, recurring characters, interesting locations, and evil villains. There is no telling what sort of trouble they’ll find themselves in every chapter! What happens next is anyone’s guess!


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