Select Traits

Next, you’ll need to select Traits for your character. Traits represent specific details about your character that set them apart from everyone else. There are two types of Traits. Traits that give your character statistical bonuses and special abilities are called Perks. Perks provide you with advantageous benefits that have a real effect on the game system, like giving you the ability to reroll your Ability Dice in certain situations. Traits that are just there to provide unique flavor and make your character more interesting are called Quirks. Quirks are more about story and character, and don’t have much effect on the game system or your character’s rolls. New Heroes begin the game with a default of three Perks and one Quirk. You can earn up to two more Perks by taking additional Quirks. Beginning characters can start with as many Quirks as appropriate, but may not have more then five Perks to start with. Once you’ve selected all of your Perks, be sure to note the changes if any of them modify a Statistic. Typically, players note the newly modified scored in perenthesis next to the base score, such as “Reaction: 10 (11)”.

  • Select Three Perks
  • Select One Quirk
  • Take Up to Two Additional Quirks, Earning An Additional Perk for Each
  • Heroes Cannot Begin the Game With More Than Five Perks
  • Heroes Can Have As Many Quirks as Appropriate

As mentioned, Perks are going to give you definite benefits in game. Quirks, however, work a bit differently. They represent interesting details about your character that tell you something about who they. They may gives details about appearance, background, personality, morality, beliefs, and other idiosyncrasies that make your Hero unique. You don’t select Quirks from a list, you make them up yourself. Everyone’s Quirks are different. Some may be serious by nature, while others might be a bit comical. Just make sure you don’t go too overboard with humorous Quirks unless humor is central to the theme of the setting. If you’re having trouble coming up with Quirks for your character, take suggestions from your fellow players and the Narrator. If you really want a good source of premade Quirks, search online. Here are a few sample Quirks so you get the idea.

  • Doesn’t trust people who don’t remember his name
  • Always has a problem remembering names
  • Rarely smiles or laughs
  • Smiles and laughs too much
  • Won’t eat meals prepared by others
  • Always leaves a bit of food on their face on accident
  • Believes the clothes they’re wearing should match their mood
  • Always takes their shirt off when they’re getting ready to fight
  • Always wears a rosary
  • Is offended by religious symbols
  • Thinks their soul is escaping when they sneeze
  • Tries to capture other people’s souls when they sneeze


Perk List


Ace Pilot: +1 to Vehicle rolls when controlling air-based vehicles.

Acrobatic: +1 to Agility when performing acrobatic manuevers like jumping and tumbling.

Advanced Guard: +1 to Block Defense Statistic.

Agility Aptitude: Reroll any Agility roll once per day.

Ambidextrous: Ignore the typical -2 off-hand penalty.

Arcane Adept: Allows you to use Intellect as a measure of magical power. Allows you to select (Mystical) Perks.

Athletics Aptitude: Reroll any Athletics roll once per day.

Attractive: +1 to Influence and Deception rolls when dealing with someone who is attracted to your gender.

Awareness Aptitude: Reroll any Awareness roll once per day.

Beast Master: +1 to Husbandry when taming or training animals or other natural creatures.

Born Leader: +1 to Influence when trying to lead others.

Charismatic: +1 to Influence and Deception rolls.

Chem-Resistant: +2 to Vitality when trying to stave off the effects of chemicals, diseases, and radiation.

Close Combat Aptitude: Reroll any Close Combat roll once per day.

Combat Reflexes: +d4 to Initiative rolls.

Connections: Can receive assistance and resources from powerful contacts with an Influence roll.

Crafting Aptitude: Reroll any Crafting roll once per day.

Danger Sense: +1 to Awareness rolls when attempting to foil a surprise.

Deception Aptitude: Reroll any Deception roll once per day.

Dedicated: +1 to Resolve Rolls

Demolitions Engineer: +1 to Mechanics rolls when working with demolitions and explosives.

Electronics Aptitude: Reroll any Electronics roll once per day.

False Sincerity: +1 to Deception rolls whenever your character is trying to lie or bluff another.

First Aid Expert: +1 to Medical rolls when attempting first-aid attempts.

Great Arm: +1 to Athletics rolls when trying to throw objects accurately.

Habitat Engineer: +1 to Mechanics rolls when working with structural, habitat, and lifesupport systems and parts.

Hacker: Allows your character to use Electronics for advanced and often illegal computer use, like hacking into secure networks and stealing valuable data.

Hardware Expert: +1 to Electroncis rolls when dealing with electrical hardware.

Healing Aptitude: Reroll any Healing roll once per day.

Heavy Arms Expert: +1 to Marksmanship rolls when using direct or indirect firing, personal heavy weapons.

Husbandry Aptitude: Reroll any Husbandry roll once per day.

Impersonator: +1 to Deception rolls whenever your character is attempting to disguise themselves or act like someone they aren’t.

Influence Aptitude: Reroll any Infuence roll once per day.

Intellect Aptitude: Reroll any Intellect roll once per day.

Intimidating: +1 to Deception rolls whenever your character is attempting to intimidate another.

Keen Senses: +1 to Notice Defense Statistic.

Long Arms Expert: +1 to Marksmanship rolls when using rifles or shotguns.

Marksmanship Aptitude: Reroll any Marksmanship roll once per day.

Mechanics Aptitude: Reroll any Mechanics roll once per day.

Medical Aptitude: Reroll any Medical roll once per day.

Mystical Mettle: +1 to Willpower when resisting Spells.

One-Hander Expert: +1 to Close Combat rolls when using a melee weapon held in one hand.

Pack Horse: Add 30 to your Encumbrance Statistic.

Pharmacology Expert: +1 to Medical rolls when attempting to diagnose diseases and poisons, and recommend medication.

Psionic Adept: Allows you to use Intellect as a measure of psionic power. Allows you to select (Psionic) Perks.

Quick Reaction: +1 to Dodge Statistic.

Resolve Aptitude: Reroll any Resolve roll once per day.

Small Arms Expert: +1 to Marksmanship rolls when using pistols or small SMGs.

Software Expert: +1 to Electroncis rolls when dealing with software interfaces.

Stealth Aptitude: Reroll any Stealth roll once per day.

Street Smarts Aptitude: Reroll any Street Smarts roll once per day.

Surgeon: Allows you to use the Medical Ability to attempt advanced surgery and medical practices.

Survival Aptitude: Reroll any Survival roll once per day.

Thievery Aptitude: Reroll any Thievery roll once per day.

Tough as Nails: +1 to Endurance Defense Statistic.

Two-Hander Expert: +1 to Close Combat rolls when using a melee weapon held with two hands.

Unarmed Block: Your normal Block Statistic rating is used when defending from a melee attack while unarmed.

Unarmed Expert: +1 to Close Combat rolls when using your body as a weapon, like punches and kicks. Unarmed damage is 2d6 instead of 2d4.

Vehicle Aptitude: Reroll any Vehicle roll once per day.

Vehicle Engineer: +1 to Mechanics rolls when working on vehicle engines and parts.

Vitality Aptitude: Reroll any Vitality roll once per day.

Wheel Man: +1 to Vehicle rolls when controlling land-based vehicles.