Finishing Touches

Your character at this point is essentially complete. What remains is just to flesh out the character to your heart’s desire. Your Heroes are more than just an accumulation of dice and scores. It’s import to add written details about who they are, where they    come from, what they look like, and how they act. How much detail is required of your character is typically up to you and the Narrator.  Remember, you should have selected some Quirk Traits in Step 4, so be sure to elaborate on those. We’ve outlined a few good points to start with below.

Name: Names are important. Why? Because it’s one of the most important aspects of your character’s identity. Be sure to come up with a name that fits the setting and who your character is. Try not to be too silly with your character’s name unless humor is a central theme to your story.

Basic Details: Depending on the character sheets your using, there may be some basic details to fill in, such as Gender, Race/Species, Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, and Skin Color. None of these aspects should have any influence on how your character performs in the game, unless specifically agreed upon by you and the Narrator.

Appearance: One of the most obvious characteristics of your character is how they appear to others. You should write up a paragraph or two describing how your character looks. Be as creative or as blunt as you’d like. There are no wrong ways to describe your character’s appearance.

Personality: Having a clear concept of your character’s personality will definitely help during role-playing. That said, many players choose NOT to write down a personality, instead preferring to “wing it”, coming up with a personality for their character on the fly during the game. This is perfectly fine, and can often lead to more organic characters and more natural role-playing.

Background: Your character’s background says a lot about who they are and why they have the skills they have. If you have a good idea about your Hero’s background, write it down. Otherwise, you may just want to discuss it with your Narrator and come to some mutual agreement.

Other Information: Depending on the setting in which your character exists, there may be other important details about your Hero that you can record on your character sheet. For example, in some Fantasy settings, it may be important to know which kingdom or province your character was born in. There may be some significance regarding which organization or group your character pledges allegiance to, if any. Often, character sheets will also have places to note the name of the player (that’s you!) that created this Hero or the name of the Campaign they belong to. Make sure to discuss any questions you have with the Narrator.