Character Concept

Every Hero has a Concept. Basically, a concept a short description of your character, typically in the form of an adjective describing their “personality-at-a-glance” and their chosen profession or career, such as Grizzled Mercenary, Charming Gunslinger, or Crazed Scavenger. The setting of your game will usually influence what concepts make sense for characters in it. If your setting often features characters of different races, nationalities, or species, you can add the adjective for their people into the concept, such as Grizzled Dwarven Mercenary, Charming Yanky Gunslinger, or Crazed Orinian Scavenger. Concepts are used to help give a summarizing description to your Hero, to encourage you to come up with a concrete character idea, and to help you make educated choices about how to assign your Abilities and choose Traits.

  • Concept – Descriptive Adjective + Race/Species/Nationality if Applicable + Profession/Career/Class

Depending on who you talk to, deciding on a character concept can be the easiest or most difficult part of creating your Hero. If you already have a great idea for a Hero, giving your character a concept will be a snap. However, if you’re not sure what kind of character you want to play, you could spend more time on this than any other step of the process. But rest assured, coming up with an idea for your character is a tremendous amount of fun! We suggest discussing some options with your Narrator. Check with the other Players and see if your group is lacking any particular skillset. For example, if your group of fantasy characters has a few warriors, rogues, and a cleric, perhaps they could use a wizard? If your futuristic covert-ops crew needs some technical know-how, maybe you should create a hacker or a tech-specialist. Remember, your character’s concept should feel at home in the setting. If your playing a game based around modern horror, a cyborg-ninja probably doesn’t belong.