Advanced Characters

Newly created Heroes in the APEX system are intended to be “skilled novices”, meaning they are quite capable and definitely a step above the average person, but they are still a little wet behind the ears and have plenty to learn. In some cases, the story your group wishes to tell calls for more powerful or experienced characters. Creating these types of charactes is easy!

All characters in APEX gain a level when they receive a total of 25 Progress Points (explained in Character Progression, click here). To create Advanced Characters, you just need to “power level” them. In other words, create the character as normal, but then award them a certain number of “free levels” to boost their power. A common starting place for Advanced Characters is Level 6, the first level in Tier 2 (again, it will make more sense once you read the Character Progression section).

Now just keep in mind, your Hero’s Level is a relative indication of how powerful they are, not entirely how experienced they are. For example, in a setting where the characters are teenaged superheroes, your character might start at Level 10 to indicate how powerful they are, but in the story the characters could be completely immature and inexperienced. This is a bit of a gray area typically left up to the Narrator’s common sense and what makes sense for the game world.