A band of stalwart warriors, greedy theives, and haughty wizards creep through the bowels of a dragon’s lair…
Two adventurers trudge through the deep Amazon jungle in search of an ancient temple hiding untold riches…
A lone gunman reaches for his revolver as he steps into a dusty corral at high noon…
A desperate group of survivors run frantically from a ravenous  mob of zombies…

A crew of elite operatives sabatogue a corporate stronghold and steal sensitive data from their mainframes…
A squadren of starfighters race their lightning-quick spacecraft above the atmosphere of a desert moon…

Welcome to home of the APEX Role-Playing System. This is a short and sweet, generic set of rules for use in table-top role-playing games, designed to work with any setting that strikes your imagination, be it fantasy, modern, or futuristic. We provide all of the necessary rules to cover everything from dragons and wizards to spaceships and aliens. The mechanics we offer are meant to be relatively light on “crunch”, meaning we try to keep the rules simple and easy to use, without the need to keep track of too many special instances, modifiers, and exceptions. Best of all, the APEX System is free to use! Use it for the games you play at home, or the games you publish for others to use!

The APEX System was developed by Sentient Games, an independant gaming company based out of Delray Beach, Florida. We plan on posting a PDF document containing all of the content presented on this website soon. Within the next month, we’ll be publishing a community forum for further discussion. As we continue to expand the APEX System, we’ll begin adding things like sample settings, more sample characters, optional rules, and much more! Please take a look around, leave some comments, offer suggestions, and if you’re feeling creative, maybe even contribute some material. We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together, and use it for your own epic story-telling experiences!


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